RAMcap’s $2million day

November 15, 2021


The value of RAMcap’s CFD portfolio of Aussie small cap stocks increased in value by $2million today.

Much of the presently unrealised gain is due to the 35% jump today in the price of Pantoro shares.
Pantoro has made today an ASX announcement titled “Drilling confirms large scale Lamboo PGE deposit “.
RAMcap awaits further updates at Lamboo and awaits progress at Pantoro’s Norseman gold project in WA.


This media release is prepared by RAMcap Limited in good faith based on the facts known to it at the time of its preparation and does not purport to contain all relevant information in respect of the financial products to which it relates. The information in this document does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation in respect of the financial products to which it relates and is not intended to be an inducement, offer or solicitation to anyone in or outside of Australia. RAMcap does not use this website to raise third party capital

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