RAMcap buys back 721802 ORD shares at 41.05 cents

June 30, 2021


In accordance with its share buy-back policy RAMcap advises that it has today bought back 721802 ORD shares. The total consideration of $296.3K was paid to 3 shareholders in RAMcap’s first limit based equal access monthly share buy-back scheme.

CEO Richard Matthews said:

One of my associate companies was a participant in this ORD share buy-back for which it generated a capital return of 57% and a dividend yield of 3.8% for a holding period of 12.5 months. 

RAMcap is very generous to its shareholders. We can afford to be as we continue to generate outsized returns from our shareCFD portfolio. In the right hands the shareCFD is a fabulous investment tool. 

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