RAMcap celebrates its third anniversary

March 15, 2021


Three years ago RAMcap was formed with $1million in ordinary capital subscribed by its CEO and Founder Mr Richard Matthews.
In the 3 years since RAMcap has raised an additional $1.9million in ordinary capital and paid out a total of $490,075 in dividends.
As at today’s date RAMcap Net Assets ( post tax) are approximately $7.1m which supports a portfolio of small cap share CFDs that aggregates to $20m. Our investment in gold miner Ramelius [ASX: RMS] has been most satisfying.
When RMS was introduced into the portfolio RMS shares were trading at less than 50 cents .
After its elevation to the ASX 200 RAMcap began to take its Ramelius profits in search of other junior golds stocks to replicate the substantial RMS gains .
Whilst RMS is no longer in the small cap cohort it has recently found its way back into the portfolio. See chart below. 
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