RAMcap closes calendar 2020 with more gains

January 3, 2021


Through 2020 RAMcap has been building its core portfolio in junior gold producers and uranium stocks to close out calendar 2020 with substantial unrealised gains.
At 31 December 2020 the estimated Net Tangible Asset (NTA) backing per fully paid ORD share is 36.9 cents for a return ( post tax) in 2020 of 80%. Since inception in March 2020 the REDP shares issued at 20 cents are now worth 66 cents.
The annual post tax returns since inception in March 2018 for ORD shares exceeds 50%. Total shareholder funds at 31 December 2020 of $6.3million supports a total portfolio position exceeding $17million.
The portfolio of gold producers comprises 6 companies with a value exceeding $10million and an aggregate position exceeding 70million shares.
RAMcap maintains its short positions in Afterpay, Nvidia and Tesla.


RAMcap is on a journey to become a leading LIC. We deploy a tactical strategy in concentrated, leveraged portfolios of mainly small cap stocks for which the investment thesis anticipates a 100% gain within 12 months from each position.
RAMcap intends to supplement its outsized portfolio returns with fee income generated from a hedge fund manager business which it intends to launch late in 2021.
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