RAMcap makes JV offer to FTT

June 11, 2020


RAMcap withdraws its joint venture proposal to FTT.



April 2, 2020


Factor Therapeutics [FTT] faces an uncertain future as a biotech company in these challenging times.
RAMcap has submitted to FTT directors a JV proposal. The JV terms comprise:
  • Replacement of the FTT board at the AGM by RAMcap’s directors.
  • Capital reduction of at least $2.08million = 0.2cents+ per FTT share.
  • Formation of a new company, equally owned by RAMcap and FTT which will enter the hedge fund manager business by offering units in the RAMcap Hedge Fund.
  • New JV Fund will be managed by the investment committee of RAMcap. It will incorporate the investment strategies now in deployment in the  RAMcap ‘REDP’ portfolio which limits portfolio leverage to 2Xtimes. (The REDP portfolio has outperformed in March the benchmark XSOA index by 12.2%)
RAMcap CEO Mr Richard Matthews has written to FTT shareholders to elaborate the proposal.
A Q&A teleconference will be conducted at 8:00pm on Thursday 9th April.
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