RAMcap generates $3.043million in net gains

Dec 31, 2019
In the four months to 31 december 2019 hedge fund company RAMcap Limited has closed out the 2019 calendar year with aggregate net realised gains of $3.043million.
RAMcap has taken the opportunity to realise substantial gains on its position in gold producer Ramelius Resources and deploy the available funds in emerging Australian gold producers. Its biggest position is now in gold producer Red 5  Limited. RAMcap has a long exposure to +10million RED shares.
Looking forward to 2020 RAMcap is examining the feasibility of offering an unregistered managed investment scheme to wholesale investors. Investors in units in the RAMcap Hedge Fund will enjoy the benefit of a leveraged exposure to a portfolio of ASX listed stocks that will approximate, not replicate the RAMcap Limited portfolio
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