RAMcap reports 2019 profit of $2.9million

Oct 28, 2019
RAMcap has reported an audited after tax profit of $2,902,877 for the 2019 Financial Year. This compares with the after tax profit of $740,964 for the period to June 2018. Dividends paid in the 2019 Financial Year ( being the 14 month period from 30 June 2018 to 31 August 2019) aggregated to $115,534.
Substantial gains were realised on the partial reduction of the substantial position in gold miner Ramelius Resources.
RAMcap presently has positions in 9 Aussie gold stocks with a present market value exceeding $12million.
The company is presently short the NASDAQ -100 Index with positions exceeding $1.0million.
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