RAMcap is a Activist Investment company that was Incorporated in March 2018. We deploy a concentrated, leveraged strategy across 2 portfolios which offer exposure through its global CFD providers to securities listed on the ASX, NASDAQ and TSX.
The Investment Committee is a father and son team with combined experience of over 68 years. All positions must coincide with our intuition and are assessed for asymmetric risk/return potential through a macro lens.
The thesis for the opening of most positions is the identification of the catalyst(s) for potential realisation of a minimum 100% gain on that position within 12 months.
As of December 2020 RAMcap is predominantly invested in junior Australian gold producers.





$0.03 per ORD Share / $356,049



Years experience

Our Investment team has over 68 Years of combined experience in the financial markets.
We deploy a leveraged, concentrated portfolio of securities which are listed on the major exchanges including ASX, NASDAQ and TSX.
We focus, but not exclusively, on stocks in the small cap space.
For most positions we are long and in some positions we are short.

We manage 2 portfolios : ORD and REDP { which is restricted to 2X leverage and for which the benchmark is the XSOA Index}.

From inception in March 2018 to 31 July 2021 the ORD portfolio has generated annual after tax returns of 46% comprising  annual dividends of 4% and annual capital gain of 42%.

To 31 December 2020 the REDP portfolio has outperformed the XSOA Index by 30%.


  • Richard Matthews
    Richard Matthews CEO & Founder
    Richard is a businessman and stockmarket investor. He commenced his investing activity – aged 17- when he participated in the IPO onto ASX of technology stock Wavenet International in the year 2000. He subsequently borrowed $20,000 – aged 20 – to participate in the IPO of insurance company Promina Group.
    Richard manages his own SMSF fund. Over the past 10 years it has generated an average annual post tax return of 32%. Richard established RAMcap as a hedge fund company in March 2018. Richard is the CEO, Founder and controlling shareholder of RAMcap. He is chairperson of the investment committee. 
  • Warren Cammack
    Warren Cammack Non Executive Director
    Warren is the co-founder and currently chairman and COO of ditno, an Australian cybersecurity organization with a vision to make security simple. He has also previously been the chairman of the Australian Computer Society NSW board, NED of a Vietnamese recruitment organization and a member of the technical advisory committee for the Copyright Agency of Australia.
    Warren has also worked for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia for over 12 years in various parts of the organization concluding his tenure as General Manager in Vietnam.
    Warren holds a bachelor of Computing & Management degree from the University of Leeds, is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has had extensive professional education including MIT.
  • James Wynn
    James Wynn Non Executive Director
    James is a professional director having spent his executive career in Big 4 Firms, Investment Banks and medium to large listed and unlisted corporations.
    James is a Fellow of the ACID and an expert in Corporate Governance. James holds a BEc degree from the University of Sydney, a Masters in Management degree from MGSM and is a CA and CPA. 


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